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Policy Brief #8


This is the first policy brief that presents the paradigm of risk in its conceptual dimensions. For the purposes of the brief, the document is formed as a quasi-dictionary, providing definitions to basic concepts.

You can read it here (in Bulgarian):

Policy Brief #7


You can read the seventh policy brief developed under the project here (in Bulgarian). The brief deals with the constitutional aspects of the state of emergency in Bulgaria, which Parliament enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fourth Policy Brief


This is the fourth policy brief developed under the project. It analyzes the way the coronavirus response team in Bulgaria conducted public communication under the state of emergency, decreed March 13 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

White Papes on Security Policy of Germany


You can download two white papers on German security policy. One is from 2006, the other from 2016.

This document is from 2006
This document is from 2016

Sixth Policy Brief


This is the sixth policy brief, produced by our team. It explores the framework for preventive action in managing natural disasters in Bulgaria.

Seventh Policy Brief


Here you can download the seventh policy brief by the project’s team. It is dedicated to elements od the conceptual basis in preparing a strategic framework for risk management by the Bulgarian executive branch.

National Security Policy of Nepal


Here you can download two documents related to Nepal’s national security. The first is from 2008 – National Strategy for Disaster and Risk Management in Nepal. The other the National Security Policy of Nepal and was published in 2016.

National Security Strategy of Hungary


Here yu can read two National Security Strategies of Hungary – from 2004 and 2012.

This is the document from 2004
This is the strategy from 2012

European Security Strategy


Here you may download two EU documents outlining security. One is from 2003 – A Secure Europe in A better World. European Security Strategy. The other is from 2009 and is called the same except the title and subtitle are interchanged – European Security Strategy. A secure Europe in a Better World.

Concept for National Security of Bulgaria, 1998


This is the concept for National Security of Bulgaria from 1998.