Security Risks Project

Towards a Bold Reform of Institutional Policies

You can download two white papers on German security policy. One is from 2006, the other from 2016. This document is from 2006 This document is from 2016
Here you can download two documents related to Nepal's national security. The first is from 2008 - National Strategy for Disaster and Risk Management in Nepal. The other the National Security Policy of Nepal and was published...
Here yu can read two National Security Strategies of Hungary - from 2004 and 2012. This is the document from 2004 This is the strategy from 2012
Here you may download two EU documents outlining security. One is from 2003 - A Secure Europe in A better World. European Security Strategy. The other is from 2009 and is called the same except the title...
This is the concept for National Security of Bulgaria from 1998.
You can download the updated National Security Strategy of Bulgaria from here. The strategy was adopted by Parliament with a resolution from March 14, 2018.
You can download Bulgaria's National Security Strategy from here.
You can download the White Paper of Defense and National Security of France from 2008 and France's National Security Strategy from 2017 from here.
You can download the National Security Strategy of Great Britain from here.
You can download the National Security Strategy of the U.S. from here